Welcome Home – Curb Appeal Tips

It has definitely gotten cooler out but, it is still a great time for planting and building masonry projects.  We don’t typically end our season until mid-December; designing and building landscape & masonry projects until Mother Nature stops us.  So it’s not too late, call your local landscape and masonry contractor to do that awesome outdoor living space or front make-over you’ve been thinking about!

The nurseries still have a great selection and assortment of plant materials and the ground is nowhere near freezing yet so planting is still a very viable option to do right now and into December.  The same is true for masonry and other construction projects.  From driveways to front entry stoops; patios to sitting walls; outdoor kitchens to outdoor fire features; a new fence installation; porticos to pergolas; new siding to stone veneer;  November and December are still great times to do all these types of projects.

With the holidays approaching, this is a perfect time to work on adding some curb appeal to your home.  The following tips will be sure to provide you with a welcome home from work as well as provide a warm welcome to your guests.


Create a clear path to the front door.  Whether from the street and/or driveway, a clear path will provide easy access to your entry doors for you and your guests.  This is a great opportunity to select materials that compliment and enhance the home.  This home utilizes 2 walkways and 2 sets of light piers to provide a clear and level path to the front door.  The beautiful landscape along the walkways, stoop, and driveway help to anchor the home into the property and provide a stunning front entry!


A new landscape can transform your home.  Without changing anything else on your home, just a simple re-do of the front landscape can completely change the look and feel of your home.  Take a look at the before and after of the home to the left.  From blah and boring to gorgeous and welcoming!

Picture 008a

Mix it up.  Select different materials that coordinate and enhance your home.  This home had a total ‘face-lift’:  new siding, Azec trim, stone veneer, new portico, columns, front door, garage door, front entry steps & stoop, driveway, and front landscape.  All the materials were carefully selected to compliment and play off each other to create a most inviting & beautiful front entrance! Look for professionals to help you. For example, if you have garage door issues, A Dependable Overhead Door Company repairs or replaces your broken garage door.


Add Seasonings.  Add seasonal plantings in Spring and Fall for added color and texture.


Add Structure.  Just changing or adding a new portico or pergola can give your home a whole new, fresh look.  This home utilized 2 structural elements (portico and pergola) to create a very warm and inviting entry.  A new front landscape completed the transformation. For more ideas on boosting your home’s curb appeal, don’t hesitate to look these up.

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