Create the Right Atmosphere

Think for a moment about what your living room would look like without any furniture. It would still be a place that you could live in, but your home comfort sure would be diminished.

The same can be said about your swimming pool. Inground pools are a wonderful addition to any outdoor living space. But without creating the right environment to complement your pool, it will look less like a luxury, and more like a hole in the ground that’s filled with water.

At Topaz Design Group, our poolscapes take your pool area and turn it into your paradise.

Bringing Your Inground Pool to Life

Beautiful Pool Landscape

There are many different ways to enrich your pool area. Using our years of experience and eye for detail, we work with you to design the majestic atmosphere that you’ve always dreamed of.

Our team can adorn your poolscape with luscious trees, shrubs, and flowers. Or, perhaps you want to expand your outdoor living room by furnishing your poolscape with lounge chairs or seating walls. And who says the water needs to end with your pool? Ponds and waterfalls can bring your outdoor sanctuary full-circle by providing the hushed, soothing sound of flowing water, too.

Whichever path you choose, our experts guide you through the entire project. The end result not only redefines your outdoor comfort, but it also increases your property value.

Plan Your Poolscape with Topaz Design

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