October Heat Wave – Hot Fire Pits & Outdoor Fireplaces

October brings cooler temps (well, usually anyway!), crisp air, apple & pumpkin picking, autumn leaves changing colors, and enjoying the outdoors.  I love all the colorful Mums in the rich fall colors that replace all the pinks and purples of summer.  Kale is also a beautiful fall plant that compliments the boldness of the Mums and grows well in the cooler temperatures.   This time of year is like nature’s last fling before winter’s sleep.

One of Fall’s greatest activities?  Gathering around a fire!  Whether it be a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace, they are both ways to create a beautiful focal point in your outdoor living space as well as a place to get cozy and enjoy the outdoors!  Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits extend the season for outdoor living and entertaining well into the Fall, as well as starting the season off early in Spring. A factor that could stop someone from enjoying this activity is not wanting to damage the lawn. Many homes work with an asphalt contractor to have a driveway or walkway added, which is a great place to set one up safely. It’s a good way to do a trial run to see if this is something you may want to implement in the long term in your yard with the help of professionals.

A professional can design a fireside retreat for you to enjoy open-air dining while providing warmth as well as ambiance on cool evenings.   They can also design an area defined for seating around the fire; creating the perfect spot for company and conversation. They can also design an outdoor gas grill area complete with propane gas set ups which can be supplied by professional Propane Gas Delivery Services for a terrific outdoor barbecue experience.

photo5   Fireplace

With such a vast choice in materials as well as styles, sizes, and shapes, fire features can be made to compliment any home style; from Traditional to Tuscan to Contemporary; and every style in between.  Whether you choose a fire pit (raised or sunken), a fireplace, or a combination fire-and-water feature, the possibilities and design ideas are endless!

WhIMG_0370atever style you choose, be sure to create ample seating      around it to provide a gathering spot by the fire for relaxing,  socializing, or roasting marshmallows.  Sitting walls are a  beautiful and functional alternative to outdoor furniture.  When constructed out of materials that compliment the fire feature, the result is an added ‘oomph’ to help define the area as well as provide visual impact!

Besides using fire features to define an area of your outdoor  living space, creating one by a pool or hot tub provides warmth as well as ambiance!  Just imagine sitting in the hot tub on a crisp evening with a fire roaring.

A design and build professional can help you incorporate all the outdoor living features you want into your space that will give you beauty and function for all seasons!  Please check our website to view our completed projects; www.TopazLandscape.com.


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