Our Process

Offering Guidance Every Step of the Way

Topaz Design Group is proud to provide innovative and creative services. Whether you are looking to create curb appeal, re-do your landscape, or renovate your backyard, the Topaz team possesses the expertise and talent to bring your vision to life.

While our team has spent years mastering their craft, Topaz does much more than create a beautiful home exterior. Through every project that we design and build, our team conducts themselves as professionals from start to finish. Here at Topaz, we place integrity above all else—settling for nothing less than quality, style and purpose in our landscape and masonry design process.

Unmatched Dedication for Your Outdoor Project

Although we take great pride in calling ourselves experts, Topaz prioritizes clients’ wishes through the entire process. It is, after all, your home that we are working on—and so, we highly value our clients’ complete satisfaction at the end of every project.

While the steps involved vary for each project, our wholehearted commitment always remains the same. It is only until you are thrilled with our work that we consider our process truly complete.

Walking You Through Every Step

As a full-service design & build firm, Topaz Design Group is the hands-on team that handles every phase of your outdoor project. Once you elect our service, our landscape designers will meet with you to discuss the details of your project. Taking the time to fully grasp your vision and personal taste, we will then recommend the different solutions that will meet each of your needs. To further help you visualize how your project will come to life, we can create a design rendering that will let you envision all of the different options and possibilities.

Throughout the entire process, our team remains fully accessible to resolve any questions or concerns that you may have. With our authentic and exemplary customer service, we advocate for your project every step of the way. From taking you to suppliers and helping you pick out materials, to hand-selecting only the finest plant materials for your landscape design project, we are the team that cares about your comfort just as much as your completed project.

Embark on Your Adventure with Topaz Design

We cherish each and every project that we have completed for thousands of homeowners—and value each home improvement as its own, unique story.

To get in touch with Topaz regarding your own specific project, complete our online form and our team will get back to you shortly.