Our Story

True Success Starts with Passion

Mother Nature masters the art of detail. Every leaf and every branch represent a natural way of life that mankind has never been able to match.

That is, until Adam Myles came into the picture.

Adam had a passion—one that sought to take the beauty of nature and enrich it through precise, impeccable design. Working for a major Long Island nursery as a teenager, Adam’s interest for landscapes and hardscapes began to blossom. Adam’s career in landscape design officially began in 1984, where his fascination for layering colors and harmonizing hardscape materials quickly evolved into a promising venture.

After establishing Topaz Design Group in 1990, it was not long before Adam’s extraordinary talent became the talk of the town. From the very beginning, he possessed an inherent ability to master the most minute of details. Even more than his aptitude to target specificities, Adam was, from the get-go, a true visionary. He quickly became known for his ability to examine a property once, take into account his client’s specific wishes, and then articulate a breathtaking, complete landscape—all from the first glance.

Planting the Seeds for Success

As Topaz’s reputation began to grow, so did the company. Adam’s company is now one of the most respected and comprehensive landscape and masonry design & build firms in the Metropolitan area. As his company enjoyed unprecedented success, Adam cultivated a select, cohesive team of landscape designers that continues to surpass clients’ expectations after decades of working together. With this personal touch, homeowners receive the very best service—rooted with Adam’s natural gift, and then implemented through the Topaz team’s outstanding customer service.

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