Pergolas, Pavilions & Garden Structures

Blending Nature and Design in Harmony

Your backyard is your favorite retreat at the end of a long day to set the stage for dining and fun. In addition, your new customized deck or patio has created an ideal open space. But now, you would like to provide some shade or define an area of your outdoor space with a garden structure.

At Topaz Design Group, our various garden structures and frameworks enhance your outdoor living space—adding a new dimension of beauty to your already-stunning outdoor paradise.

Committed to Creating Your Peaceful Atmosphere

There are an infinite number of ways in which you can incorporate pavilions, pergolas and garden structures in your yard. A pergola with wooden lattice roofing creates a lovely focal point, while partially shielding sunlight. Or, for maximum shading, a pavilion can become the centerpiece of your yard, offering the perfect relaxation space to entertain guests. Whether you prefer arbors, archways or gazebos, the Topaz team uses our experience to find the best solution for your home.



These beautiful structures serve many different purposes to freshen your yard and make it truly one of a kind. They not only become a stunning focal point, but they also provide shade, shelter and dimension for your outdoor space. With these features, you can set up your outdoor couches or chairs to create a lounge area, or even set up your dining table and chairs under a pergola or pavilion and hang a chandelier! Whichever direction you take, our team offers guidance to breathe new life into your outdoor living space.

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